The doors to Chabad are open constantly.

Walk inside and the smell of freshly baked cookies catches you first. Warm friendly faces greet you and you just know you’re home.

In 2016 Chabad opened it’s doors at Illinois state & Jewish life began to blossom. Inspired by the vision of The Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneersohn, Chabad aims to make Judaism accessible in a warm and inclusive way to every Jew on campus.

Directed by Rabbi Chaim & Rochel Telsner together with their cute kids, Chabad has quickly become ‘family’ to every student on campus.

Today we are a vibrant, ever growing family and community made up of incredible students & faculty.

Each week Jewish students Join together  for a beautiful Shabbat dinner. And each day there’s always an interesting event or two going on.

So drop by, grab a cookie or stay for Shabbat dinner and maybe late into the night chatting. We look forward to greeting you!